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Перевод слова

Перевод: dump speek dump

коренастый; самосвальный;
груда хлама; мусорная куча; отвал ; куча шлака; штабель угля или руды; свалка ; дыра ; мрачная дыра; глушь ; временный полевой склад; глухой звук от падения тяжелого предмета; свинцовый кружок; свинцовая фишка; мелкая монета; деньги [жарг.] ; невысокий коренастый человек;
сваливать; оставлять; сбрасывать; вываливать; опрокидывать; разгружать; устраивать демпинг; ронять с шумом; бросать


  1. One example of dump leaching is that used at the Kennecott Chino Mine in New Mexico, USA, from which there is a daily yield of cement copper of 45-;50 t (Pooley 1987).
  2. "That dump?
  3. According to a US National Academy of Sciences study in 1975, the world's fishing vessels each year dump more than 24,000 tonnes of plastic packaging material and lose an additional 135,000 tonnes of plastic nets, lines and buoys.
  4. Out of Angola: Market socialism on the edge of a rubbish dump
  5. The choices were accompanied by a map of the British Isles showing swathes of coloured areas in which the subterranean geology could be suitable for such a dump.
  6. He began to dump the contents of his pockets on to the table: dirty tissues, a few coins, empty crisp packets, some more money.
  7. "Dirty" in this context means trying to apply free market ideas to the prevention of pollution, to continuing to dump sewage in the sea, to not doing enough to curb road traffic and improve public transport.
  8. "I'll need to check out first and then dump some things at Paddington before I go."
  9. This is an early 60's look at the dump showing Robinson 2-;8-;0's and Directors.
  10. AFRENCH magazine has promised to publish more proof of an allegation that dioxin from the 1976 Seveso disaster in northern Italy was secretly buried in a central French town where the inhabitants have been suffering from fumes from a toxic waste dump.
  11. He added: "What I mean is, we can't just dump her, not now."
  12. THE FIRST thing to do in Kathmandu is dump your bags and hire a bike.
  13. With nowhere but the limited Drigg dump near Sellafield for low-level waste, and nowhere at all for intermediate-level, the authorities turned once more to mainland Britain to find an acceptable "long term" solution.

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