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Перевод слова

Перевод: dull speek dull

тупой; глупый; глуповатый; унылый; понурый; безрадостный; пасмурный; неясный; скучный; монотонный; неотточенный; притупленный; тусклый; вялый; не имеющий спроса; неходовой;
делать тупым; делать вялым; притуплять; делать скучным; делать тусклым; делаться тупым; делаться вялым; притупляться; делаться скучным; делаться тусклым


  1. He treated reading as a team effort, getting them to read the Daily Mirror rather than the dull, babyish books on offer.
  2. I'm not a dull chap
  3. Often the mind is confused when trying to think, difficulty concentrating and they can become forgetful, dull and indifferent as they tire, better () for cold washing of the face.
  4. Her speeches were so dull and rambling that her nervous advisers tried to stop newsmen from recording them.
  5. Lancing's master-in-charge, John Wilks, described the scoreline as "a perfect summing up of the match - dull".
  6. They say he made a speech at Dull."
  7. No amount of pouting by Marlene Dietrich or posturing by Robert Donat could reveal why anyone thought the audience would want to watch the dull account of the Russian Revolution offered in Knight Without Armour (1937).
  8. Looks good, tastes good: a fan-trained apple tree enlivens a dull wall
  9. But, as a commercially viable variety in our climate, it has two drawbacks, firstly its lateness in ripening, and, secondly, in normal British weather, a dull russety-greenish colour which does not suggest the hidden flavour.
  10. For his pro-Nazi activities and other connections Houde was interned at the outbreak of the war in 1939, but as my friend Robert LaPalme, the famous Montreal caricaturist, later told me, "Whatever else he was, Camilien Houde was a bright character in a dull world!"
  11. He had no interest in the architecture of what was then merely a rather dull manor house, but kept on improving the estate, which was to give pleasure to the Welch family until the Second World War.
  12. Lacking a goal that might have altered its chemistry, it remained a matter of dull physics.
  13. Life appeared dull.

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