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Перевод слова

Перевод: dude speek dude

хлыщ ; фат ; пижон ; чувак


  1. When I mentioned his name in Hawaii an informant who asked to remain anonymous said: "Johnny Boy Gomes is the meanest, heaviest dude on the whole of the North Shore."
  2. "Killer board, dude", said Callahan.
  3. Days on a dude ranch - particularly after a night like that one - tend to be restful.
  4. The most popular dude ranch states with British holidaymakers are Arizona, Colorado and Wyoming.
  5. At the Dixie Dude, I spent my time between riding in the hills and just sitting on the porch doing nothing.
  6. U.K. specialists in dude ranch holidays are Ranch America, 250 Imperial Drive, Rayners Lane, Harrow, Middx HA2 7HJ.
  7. At the Dixie Dude Ranch near the town of Bandera in the Texas hill country it was clear that my arrival was to be the excuse for a night out.
  8. Confronted with Dolle I felt myself becoming a punk mafia dude.
  9. "The skinny dude with the leather smile."
  10. Cool dude Normski ready to host Dance Energy
  11. Paul Mansfield on a dude ranch finds great steaks and catfish.
  12. Their 1992 programme features the Dixie Dude Ranch.
  13. a punk Mafia dude

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