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Перевод слова

Перевод: drown speek drown

тонуть; топиться; топить; утопить; заливать; затоплять; заглушать


  1. Bodies often float to the surface, but you of all people must know that those who drown in the Thames can disappear altogether and are probably taken by undercurrents down through London and out to sea."
  2. It was the kind of day that worms deep down in the earth, drown and float to the surface.
  3. If he lay there until the morning, assuming he did not pass out, or drown, or spew up and choke to death in the meantime, he would be found when the boys came in to wash; the humiliation would be unbearable and the whole story would be all over the school by breakfast.
  4. Only in her anger could she drown out the dark shadow that pity and guilt had cast over her.
  5. And don't drown yourself."
  6. "Well," I said, "no one could be absolutely certain that Harry would be spiked and drown immediately.
  7. I'll just vanish and live alone in a cottage beside the sea until I go quietly mad and drown myself.
  8. Rehearsals save you being embarrassed in the meeting by broken light bulbs, out of focus films, a speaker half an hour late because he couldn't find anywhere to park, and shrieks and howls as the public address system does its best to drown the speaker.
  9. She found herself thinking that when she had forced herself to read how and when Oreste had died she would take her sleeping baby and drown both him and herself forthwith.
  10. Simon'll drown."
  11. This supposedly protected subspecies continues to die in the tuna nets - Sam LaBudde witnessed 200 drown in a single net.
  12. Coffee will help - blessedly hot liquid to scald or drown those shaggy beasts in the brick shelter so many miles away from here in the place I once called Home.
  13. But dip in your toe and all at once, the waves are wild unleashed dangerous passion to sweep you off your feet, drag you around and duck you and go half-way to drown you then toss you above the tide line.

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