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Перевод слова

Перевод: drop speek drop

капля ; капелька ; чуточка ; глоток ; драже; леденец ; серьга ; подвеска ; наличник ; падение; понижение; резкое понижение; снижение; крутой спуск; расстояние; высота падения; падающий занавес; падалица ; щель для монеты; щель для жетона; удар по мячу, отскочившему от земли; перепад ; тайник ; укрытие для краденого; хаза ;
капать; капнуть; падать; падать каплями; выступать каплями; ронять; обронить; уронить; выпускать; выпускать из рук; проливать; бросать; сбрасывать; высаживать; отправлять; довозить до; опасть; опускаться; спускаться; валить; сваливать; сбивать; умирать; умереть; спадать; понижаться; понижать; опускать; потуплять; прекращать работу; подбросить; прекращать; оставлять; покидать; пропускать; увольнять; терять; проигрывать; проиграть; сразить; проронить; кануть; отелиться раньше времени; ожеребиться раньше времени


  1. US law enforcement officers are also planning a renewed drive to encourage cable subscribers to drop HBO and Cinemax.
  2. Nouvelle cuisine methods of preparing thallium a drop of thallium on a piece of seaweed, chilled thallium, served garnished with a single radicchio leaf down home thallium thallium and beans big, tasty, hearty, man-sized thallium burgers served with french fries, pickle and thallium on the side
  3. Both parties would be under pressure to drop some of their most cherished celebrities.
  4. The Christian Democrats - 34.3 per cent last time - are expecting a small loss, but a drop to below 30 per cent would be seen as disaster.
  5. It was a happy debut for the latest model to drop off the fast-bowling conveyor belt; Patrick Patterson had played for Lancashire the previous summer without making much impression, but now on his home patch with the sun on his back he hit Test cricket with a bang.
  6. Another suggestion was that the electrolysis caused the liquid level to drop as more of the liquid turned into gas; this exposed the top of the palladium above the liquid surface and gas began to leak out, releasing in a rush the considerable energy that had been stored with the trapped deuterium, sending the temperature up above the melting point (1554 degrees Celsius) or even boiling at 3000 degrees.
  7. Some 24 per cent of children drop out at the transition from primary to secondary school, while at secondary level there has recently been a significant rise in the drop-out rate.
  8. Although there was no dramatic change in their circumstances - no fear of eviction or drop in their standard of living - Constance felt rudderless.
  9. Four hydraulic presses are used with these drop stamps for finning purposes.
  10. If the immediate international situation is used as an excuse to get us to drop our opposition to the rearmament programme of the Government, the next phase must be that we must desist from any industrial or political action that may disturb national unity in face of fascist aggression.
  11. Now researchers think that the sudden drop in oestrogen-type hormones after she gives birth to her baby may spark off rheumatoid arthritis
  12. The class is very still, hushed to hear a pin drop.
  13. In two sessions, one with Mr Mobutu on Wednesday, and another with Mr Savimbi on Thursday, Mr Bush apparently persuaded both leaders to drop earlier disagreements and resume the negotiations to end Angola's 14-year civil war.

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