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Перевод слова

Перевод: drive speek drive

езда ; подъездной путь; прогулка ; катание; подъездная аллея; дорога ; удар ; преследование; атака ; энергичное наступление; гонка ; спешка ; общественная кампания; большая энергия; напористость ; стимул ; побуждение; тенденция ; продажа по низким ценам; сплав леса; плоский удар; драйв ; передача ; привод ; дисковод ; штрек ;
вести; править; управлять; управлять автомобилем; ездить; ехать (в автомобиле); разъезжать; развозить; гнать; погнать; делать удар; прогонять; приводить; приводить в движение; гонять; нестись; быстро двигаться; вбивать; вколачивать; вынуждать; погонять; доводить; перегружать работой; переутомлять; преследовать; совершать; проводить; прокладывать; проходить горизонтальную выработку; отбивать драйвом


  1. "did drive "
  2. Not like learning to drive a car, not even like riding a horse.
  3. The beautiful riverside walks and carriage drive were classically landscaped with beech trees in the 18th century.
  4. Third provides direct drive and fourth an overdrive, driving through a new two-piece propshaft to a 3.07:1 rear axle.
  5. Twinned with speciality cheese, served with soup, drunk as a tea or beer or cooked and tossed in butter, the young stinging nettle, or, from another plant family, the dead nettle, was thought 300 years ago to "drive away melancholy and make the heart merry".
  6. So, it seems, does the Bank of England, fearful that the fiasco will drive financial business from London to upstart continental centres.
  7. His voice was raised to a shout, "You don't make the money at Rafferty's Bar for youse to dress like lords and drive a car."
  8. by a person duly licensed to drive it
  9. "When asked why he chose to test his cars by driving them nonstop, the 600 miles to Scotland and back, W O explained that it was illuminating to drive a car when tired: all its faults would scream out at you."
  10. At 18, Couples hooked his drive out of bounds, one of the few mistakes he made on a day that turned cold and windy by the time the five-hour 25-minute round had ended.
  11. He dozed on the short drive, but unfortunately he was wide awake and very horny when they reached their hotel room.
  12. It's enough to drive a man out of his wits.
  13. Accelerate the EC's drive towards economic and monetary union andmeet in the second half of 1990 to consider creating a single currency and a European central bank;

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