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Перевод слова

Перевод: drift speek drift

медленное течение; течение; самотек ; дрейф ; девиация ; снос ; скорость сноса; деривация ; направление; тенденция ; намерение; стремление; пассивность ; сугроб ; куча, нанесенная ветром; лава ; ледниковый нанос; дрифтерная сеть; горизонтальная выработка; штрек ;
относить ветром; относить течением; наносить ветром; заметать (о снеге); наносить течением; относиться по течению; перемещаться по ветру; перемещаться по течению; дрейфовать; плыть по течению; быть пассивным; скопляться кучами; пробивать отверстия; расширять отверстия


  1. He even test-sailed the course with a friend, allowing the Nancy to drift out to the Beach End buoy and make for Holland.
  2. At the end of the Principles , Berkeley reminds us that his "main drift and design" has been to "inspire my readers with a pious sense of the presence of God".
  3. The return journey was made without stopping at Yakutsk; it proved a dull uneventful day with nothing to do but watch the undulating Siberian tundra drift past beneath us.
  4. Direction of wind shown by smoke drift but not by wind vanes.
  5. A band plays at every street corner, crowds drift from bar to beer stand to disco and back to bar.
  6. "Prices may drift down a little over the next two months, but the losses in the first quarter should be wiped out with similar gains over the next few months," said Mr John Wriglesworth, property analyst at stockbrokers UBS Phillips Drew.
  7. In fact there is no grip, it's all drift, in this sequence, as illness brings back Stepan's childhood Church Slavonic, mixed up with Quixotic politesse and flagrant falsifying of his own past, and cant about the Russian soul.
  8. The very drift of the account of Christian myth and religious political ethics has certain parallels of structure with the siege of Londonderry.
  9. Not squalls yet, but armed with sufficient force to drift Golden Girl to the length of her anchor warp, and there was a change to the sound of the swell on the reef, a growing harshness.
  10. "I get your drift.
  11. But the problem with these groups is not that they're wimps, but that they're runts; not that they're vulnerable or soppy, but that they're flimsy, What's happened is that the perfectly valiant and appropriate refusal to grow up has become a refusal to grow, musically - to take on space, drift, experiment.
  12. Five minutes after letting the freelined bait drift off in the tide the big shark struck.
  13. We have seen that localism and the drift to increasingly authoritarian government have been major problems even for Africa's more successful leaders, and have been disastrous in other cases such as Uganda and Nigeria.

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