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Перевод слова

Перевод: dress speek dress

парадный; плательный;
одежда ; платье; парадный мундир; одеяние; внешний покров; оперение;
одевать; наряжать; одеваться; наряжаться; украшать; украшаться; приготовлять; приправлять; причесывать; делать прическу; перевязывать; перевязать; выравниваться; равняться; разделывать; выделывать; подстригать; подрезать; обрабатывать; унавоживать; удобрять; чистить; шлифовать; аппретировать; обтесывать; строгать; обогащать


  1. With the Government in attendance in morning dress, he presides over investitures, the opening of Parliament, the Queen's birthday parade, Remembrance Sunday and two local festivities - the peppercorn ceremony (where freemasons pay a symbolic peppercorn for the use of the state house) and a bizarre ceremony in which the Maritime Museum pays its annual rent of one cannonball.
  2. Fiona returned, pulling on a fluffy white wrap over her red silk dress, saying she really didn't want to go to the dinner and being persuaded again by her husband.
  3. But they were ragged and insubstantial, with the lurid colours of fancy dress.
  4. Prices range from about 40 to 60 depending on the dress.
  5. Jo thought the dress was gorgeous, and cunningly kind to her voluptuous shape, but she was always uncomfortable in formal clothes.
  6. I now realize that there are different kinds of Jews, ranging from the ultra-religious Chasidim who do dress like that, to Liberal Jews who do not recognize the holy nature of the Bible and who prefer to keep whichever laws they can rationalize.
  7. She also looked great - out of dungarees for the first time and into a becomingly simple black dress.
  8. She sat in a corner of the playroom, dressed in the brown serge dress and white apron she had been given, and tried to think how she could run away.
  9. She wore a matching crepe dress, which draped across her large bosom and red neck, and a mink stole was hung negligently over the back of her chair.
  10. Right: Ivory silk dupion halterneck dress with beaded bodice and rose trim by Margaret Curran (Dawn, 950), pearl drop earrings from Harvey Nichols (14.95).
  11. If you can't find your dress from designers like Lucy Rowlandson and Special Day, a qualified seamstress of Theodosia Bridal Studio can create one for you.
  12. We continue by laying course upon course of reed using our legget (bat-shaped tool) to dress each course as we go.
  13. Accompanying the association between dress and class was that between dress and gender.

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