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Перевод слова

Перевод: draw speek draw

тяга ; вытягивание; вытаскивание; выхватывание; затяжка ; то, что нравится; то, что привлекает; приманка ; замечание, имеющее целью выпытать что-л.; наводящий вопрос; жеребьевка ; лотерея ; тираж ; жребий ; выигрыш ; молодой побег; выдвижной ящик комода; игра вничью; ничья ; разводная часть моста;
тащить; набрасывать; волочить; тянуть; тащиться; волочиться; пододвигать; придвинуть; подходить; приближаться; подтягивать; натягивать; натянуть; вытягивать; натягиваться; привлекать; втравливать; вытаскивать; выдергивать; вырывать; добывать; доставать из колодца; вычерпывать; кончать вничью; задергивать; задернуть; заставить раскрыться; раздвигать; получать; черпать; бросать; выбить козыри; выводить; выписывать; вызывать; навлекать; вовлекать; влечь; вдыхать; втягивать; настояться; вбирать; иметь тягу; притягивать; пускать; настаивать; настаиваться; потрошить; выгонять из норы; закаливать; отпускать; рисовать; нарисовать; оформлять; чертить; начертить; проводить; проводить черту; проводить линию; проводить сравнение; составлять; искажать


  1. Using a pencil and ruler, draw a line every 7.5 cm across the fabric width to form squares (illustration 3).
  2. It was accepted that Amnesty International would investigate and draw up an adverse report.
  3. "Now I just draw out from the bank a spending allowance for the week - to pay mum back, to cover essentials and for a few little extras.
  4. Havant take over the daunting task of challenging for the European Cup in Amsterdam, with Hounslow moving to the south of Holland to compete at Vught where a favourable draw puts them among the favourites to reach Monday's final.
  5. He is the number one draw in the game, sponsors will almost bankrupt their companies to get him and he can afford to play the market.
  6. Elsewhere, the close-up, detailed approach which works brilliantly, say, for Imogen Stubbs's affecting Desdemona (the pathos of her disoriented, jittery jauntiness intensified by beautiful touches such as the sepia photograph of her estranged father she keeps on the bedside table in Cyprus or the chocolates from Casio that she has secreted in a locked draw, not because she fears sexual misconstruction but because she would like to be thought too grown-up for frivolous sweet-guzzling by Othello) paradoxically diminishes Iago because it encourages the belief that he can be realistically "explained" like a figure in a novel.
  7. Your policy should draw a clear distinction between this sort of rule and a supportive policy to help someone with a drink problem.
  8. His inquiries and interpretations will inevitably draw polluting and contaminating ideas to the surface, for they are a result of his place as an "institutional shaman" and mirror his position as a liminal mover in the organization.
  9. It will begin to "make real" the fact of her husband's death and permanent departure from her life, so everything possible should be done to give the occasion dignity, beauty, and a feeling of thanksgiving for his life; for this is a memory she will carry with her always, and it is one from which most widows can draw some comfort if it has been an uplifting experience shared with her family and friends.
  10. From the perspective of those who seek to draw political and social attention to a group who have been much exploited and little supported, the objection to widening the use of the term is understandable.
  11. Howe's reputation as an animal painter was made when Sir John Sinclair of the Board of Agriculture commissioned him to draw details of various breeds of cattle, and he went on to paint hundreds more pictures, mostly of horses.
  12. It was silly to draw attention to myself.
  13. To any point D on the circumference of the circle draw FD .

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