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Перевод слова

Перевод: drag speek drag

медленное движение; медленное затрудненное движение; зануда ; одежда ; волочение; бремя; обуза ; помеха ; землечерпалка ; драга ; кошка [тех.] ; тяжелая борона; утюг (дорожный) ; экипаж, запряженный четверкой, с сиденьями внутри и наверху; затяжка ; блат ; протекция ; торможение; задержка движения; тормоз ; тормозной башмак; бредень ; невод ; натяжение; лобовое сопротивление; пахучая приманка; охота с пахучей приманкой; скучный тип; скучища ; женское платье;
тащить; притаскивать; тянуть; волочить; влечь; влачить; бродить; тащиться позади; отставать; тащиться; потащиться; волочиться; вывалять; мучить; терзать; затягиваться; чистить дно драгой; боронить; буксировать


  1. She had asked Dionne the American ex-pat writer who never stopped talking, Jamie the drag queen who never stopped talking.
  2. Wild horses would scarcely drag this plan out of him at the hearings, even though all he had been shown was a wall map of Central America: nothing classified, no black programmes, no code words.
  3. He tried to drag himself through the mud but he only sank more deeply into it.
  4. OFFERING "mad go go dancers", Orange at Choice, 25 Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow, is a new night promising "a live drag show featuring queen of queens Shahbaz".
  5. Little Bill in drag strikes a blow for the downtrodden girls.
  6. Mac users will know how important it is to drag icons to the correct position.
  7. Caird also goes in for a few unnecessary stunts, such as having two of the ladies of the town played by men in drag.
  8. When Joseph Coors, the beer millionaire, told Casey that he wanted to help the contras, Casey simply said "Ollie North's the guy to see"; even old friends could not drag the secret from him.
  9. Ben Nevis was a long drag; Snowdon is less than half the height and there you cheat by starting at 300 metres.
  10. When my children attempted to drag me into the Cumberland Pencil Museum in Keswick I started to devise a list of silly museums - corn plasters of the world, Peruvian nose flutes, or some such other daft idea.
  11. So why does a company with such a history of agility and skill remain tied to pots and pans even though they act as such a drag on its performance?
  12. The drag of the cable over one wing can make the aircraft uncontrollable in a turn, making a serious crash almost inevitable.
  13. If, despite the precautions to remove loose bristles, one does drag on to the varnish, remove it using the corner tip of the brush, or with a toothpick or cocktail stick.

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