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Перевод: drachma speek drachma



  1. Currency: drachma (US1.00=163.0722 drachmas as at May 4, 1990).
  2. The currencies of eight other EC countries were in the narrow band (maximum fluctuation 2.25 per cent up or down); the Greek drachma remained outside the ERM.
  3. Spanish Peseta 193.50; American Dollar 1.6180; Greek Drachma 267.15; Tunisian Dinar 1.5561; Moroccan Dirham 13.7503; Yugoslavian Dinar 325.26.
  4. Okay again, the final question number twenty, which country uses the Drachma as its unit of currency?
  5. Currency: drachma (US1.00=198.991 drachmae as at July 1, 1991).
  6. In the end, "in view of his past services" it was commuted for a huge fine: fifty talents, or 300,000 drachmas; a drachma was a good day's wage for a skilled man.
  7. And finally question twenty, which country uses the Drachma as its unit of
  8. The drachma is the unofficial currency of southern Albania; four new 100-drachma coins, pointedly displaying Alexander the Great's head, and worth 1.90, are a day's pay for a labourer there.
  9. Three EC member country currencies, sterling, the Greek drachma and Portuguese escudo, remained outside the mechanism.
  10. Moreover their day's pay was, in Pericles' time, a mere subsistence allowance, two obols, a third of a drachma.
  11. Very roughly, Varotsos guessed, the total cost of hardware is about 20 million drachma (160000.

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