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Перевод слова

Перевод: downgrade speek downgrade

идущий под уклон;
вниз; под уклон;
уклон ; упадок ; ухудшение;
переводить на менее квалифицированную работу; понижать; представлять в невыгодном свете; развенчивать


  1. She insists: "There was no decision to "downgrade the study of literature from other cultures in the English curriculum,,.
  2. "Though if he's not selected, I shall downgrade him and Sally Newcombe will ride him because continuing to compete at that level is such an emotional strain on him ".
  3. The whiteflies then damage cotton; they downgrade the cotton lint by sticking to it.
  4. Beleagurered Porsche is considering a plan by engineering chief Ulrich Bez to downgrade future equipment levels to make cars lighter - and faster.
  5. By way of comparison, the absence of bedded salt west of Lough Neagh must downgrade Permo-Triassic prospects there.
  6. The rating agencies continue to downgrade bonds.
  7. BLUEBIRD TOYS saw brokers downgrade profit forecasts for the group from 3million to 2million against 2.3million a year ago after 1million of orders failed to come through.
  8. "Superior" heads "The Countess" as they drift downgrade to Llanfair Caereinion with their train from Welshpool.
  9. Posts are frozen, some services have been reduced and skill mix is being used to downgrade or replace qualified staff, says the RNC which also claims school nurses' career paths are blocked.
  10. "This is not done in anyway to downgrade anyone else.
  11. Blind grain sites showing up on the ears of some cereal crops could trim yields and perhaps downgrade stands intended for seed.
  12. This in turn may tend to downgrade the less easily assessable aspects of the educational process.
  13. The word sexism originally was coined to refer to ideas and practices that downgrade women relative to men.

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