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Перевод слова

Перевод: down speek down

направленный вниз; направленный книзу; опущенный; спускающийся; нисходящий; идущий из центра; идущий к центру города; отстающий от противника;
вниз; наземь; внизу; вплоть до; до конца;
спуск ; падение; крах ; нападки ; неудовольствие; мяч вне игры; неудача ; пушок ; пух ; безлесная возвышенность; возвышенность ; холм ;
вниз; вниз по; вдоль по;
опускать; спускать; сбивать; сбрасывать с лошади; глотать; одолевать; осиливать; подчинять; кончать; разделываться


  1. Not putting others down
  2. As Michael Stipe sang on "World Leader Pretend", "I built this wall, and I will be the one to knock it down".
  3. Mum kept out of sight until he had left, then down the stairs she came, all dressed up in a long black taffeta dress, which rustled when she moved.
  4. She went over to it, her mouth dry, her pulses racing, and when she looked down at the cherubic child with bright golden hair she had to grip the arms for support.
  5. The dog refused to budge, so, instructing the two older girls to hold tight to the younger, I heaved up the 196lb of stubborn fur and staggered to the railing I went down to extricate my struggling son and carried him upwards followed by shrieking pleas of, "Daddy, don't leave us" and "I want a carry", from the frantic tadpole in charge of two red-faced little girls who were now starting to show signs of stain and filling tear-ducts.
  6. But it was slowly sinking, dragged down by the end of the Cold War and Far East competition.
  7. Of the three types of general body fur on the wild cat, the down hairs are the most numerous.
  8. From the plinth you look down long rows of white crosses and plain headstones on the far side of the memorial; some say inconnu , others "A Soldier of the Great War".
  9. As they went down, the two married ladies were in high spirits.
  10. "It's not down to me," he protested.
  11. Only that essential easing down of training should deviate from the norm.
  12. As SMS Hindenberg went down, the German Ensign was lowered; and this flag may still be seen in the German Fleet Exhibition in Stromness.
  13. TESCO chicken supreme is down from 1.59 to 1.29.

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