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Перевод слова

Перевод: doubt speek doubt

сомневаться; иметь сомнения; усомниться; быть неуверенным; колебаться; не доверять; подозревать


  1. The plans which they have at present are, without doubt, exceedingly handsome; but, to speak plainly, they seem to me infinitely more adapted for palaces than public offices.
  2. "I doubt if you will be able to do that, until you know who the murderer is."
  3. The Road Bunker's fame burgeoned, no doubt, in 1978 when the luckless Japanese Tsuneyuki (Tommy) Nakajima dropped out of contention in The Open Championship when he took four shots to get out of the bunker.
  4. In this way of looking at the economy, wages seem to be determined by forces as inevitable as mathematics, and if wages were low this was no doubt unfortunate, but there was nothing anybody could do about it, any more than it would be possible to change the laws of gravity.
  5. Many no doubt sincere Christians continued to celebrate the first day of January in defiance of their clergy's disapproval, or liked to greet the rising sun from the steps into the church, and, most of all, to attend the great festive games and shows.
  6. "If it had not been for the difficulties and bruises caused by the recession, I have no doubt there would be an increased majority for the Conservative Party," he said.
  7. If this could be proved beyond doubt , direct drilling would fit in well with the organic philosophy.
  8. There is little reason to doubt that they are being incarcerated because of their trade union membership.
  9. The legislation, which is the first of its kind in the common-law world, was seen as clarifying and putting the law beyond doubt, rather than making new law.
  10. Although no formal proposals have yet been announced by anyone, there is no doubt that the idea for a "Super Super Series", as I suppose it should be called, is gaining momentum.
  11. I doubt I'll ever be fulfilled, but I'm less manic.
  12. I doubt whether I should ever have experienced such wealth and depth of love, from and for so many, had I not followed my vocation."
  13. "I very much doubt it.

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