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Перевод слова

Перевод: dormant speek dormant

спящий; дремлющий; бездействующий; пассивный; скрытый; потенциальный; находящийся в состоянии покоя; находящийся в спячке;
слуховое окно


  1. If Bill Baudelaire's mother knew her onions, in this undistinguished-looking bay lay the dormant seed of greatness.
  2. just as the ermine changes it coat for winter; just as the seed can lie dormant for thousands of years; just as the bacteria and the rotifers can live in their desiccated time capsules for perhaps longer than we can ever envisage, awaiting a change of outer circumstances for the tiny living specks of dust to take on another form - just so, perhaps, may the living forms we know so well have secrets tucked away within them that only the rolling of the aeons can reveal.
  3. The mind is almost dormant, only the watery quality remains connected to consciousness.
  4. VOLCANO by Shusaku Endo Sceptre, 4.99 JINPEI SUDA, a Japanese seismologist who has just retired, is convinced that the volcano Akadake, his obsession throughout his career, is dormant; but Durand, a defrocked French Catholic priest, believes the volcano will erupt and sweep away the new Christian retreat being built on its slopes, as a sign of divine displeasure with Japan.
  5. All sorts of latent talents which the daily demands of home, work and family may have kept dormant can be rediscovered or developed.
  6. Dormant?
  7. Do remember that it is summer dormant though, and will disappear around July.
  8. Not for the first time Delaney looked into the eyes that were deep, infathomable pools of green, and at the copper-coloured hair falling around the high smooth cheek bones; at the small upturned nose and a mouth just large enough to hint at the animal sensuality lying dormant beneath the surface.
  9. The food is ingested and the bacteria may lie dormant in the bird, where it contaminates the eggs produced and can be excreted and spread around the flock.
  10. They were a mid grey, neither too aggressive nor too dormant, and they tended to stick their little round heads out of the "oily" pools like hungry fledglings in a nest.
  11. It has, however, brought to the surface a dormant temptation evident in even the most illustrious of Mrs Thatcher's predecessors.
  12. Should you want to do some withy and teasel research for yourself, you might visit their willow and wetland centre in Stoke St Gregory where they grow 50 acres of willow and harvest it every winter, when the plants are dormant and the rods measure 8 feet.
  13. Dormant companies that do not want to appoint auditors are now able to use the written resolution procedure (p 95).

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