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Перевод слова

Перевод: divide speek divide

водораздел ; граница ; раздел ; дележ ; разделение;
делить; разделять; разъединять; делиться; разъединяться; делиться без остатка; подразделять; отделять; отделяться; распределять; вызывать разногласия; разделяться; расходиться; голосовать; градуировать; дробить; дробиться; разбивать; наносить деления


  1. For example, whilst a younger child will stick paper, cloth, seeds and leaves apparently haphazardly onto a piece of paper, the more mature child may divide his paper by folding or making crayon lines and use scissors to cut materials to the size and shape he wants.
  2. Part of the art of curriculum development - for it is, indeed, an art and not a science - is to gauge the extent to which teachers are secure enough to forsake the safety and familiarity of the categories into which they have been accustomed to divide learning.
  3. Germany's ever-shifting political forms throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, from Customs Union to Federation to Empire to Republic to Third Reich, and her prostration after the war, sliced in two by the East-West divide, confirm in stark reality the lines of the 19th-century poet Hlderlin: "it may be a hard word, but yet I say it, for it is the truth: I can think of no people more divided than the Germans."
  4. Divide the mixture between the tins and bake in a preheated oven at 350F/175C/gas 4 for 20-;25 minutes.
  5. He illustrates the difficulty of trying to divide Conservative politicians into "wets" and "dries".
  6. In this confrontation across the divide of gender one is compelled to put one's whole being at risk (p. 307).
  7. Divide the area into manageable squares.
  8. They have three children and divide their time between London and a cottage in Milford, Surrey.
  9. Do brothers divide an inheritance to keep for ever, does the flood-time of rivers endure?
  10. Health: Bridging the dental divide With more dentists moving out of the NHS, private insurance can ease the expense, finds Ann Steele
  11. If we divide the domestic economy into two sectors, public and private, then the deficit must correspond to a financial deficit by one or both of these sectors.
  12. The members of the college should be increased by ballot and it may perhaps be advisable, to divide the members into three different classes, perpetual governors annual governors members
  13. All aspects of the influence of photography throughout society will be examined, commerce and industry as much as artistic use of photography and of the divide in photography, be it real or not between the many genres of photography.

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