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Перевод слова

Перевод: disturb speek disturb

нарушать; нарушить; волновать; беспокоить; побеспокоить; будоражить; взбудоражить; смущать; расстраивать; мешать; приводить в беспорядок


  1. It seemed a shame to disturb him, but
  2. Once they had cooled completely we took them out carefully so we didn't disturb the curls too much.
  3. By making tape recording of the sounds that disturb her, and playing them back to her frequently, indoors, at increasing levels of volume, she should gradually learn to accept them.
  4. "I'm sorry to disturb you, my dear."
  5. "I was loath to disturb this curious state of affairs until your officers had completed their search for clues and the photographs had been taken.
  6. Only controversy with Descartes was able to disturb his mildness.
  7. On my part I would not presume to disturb their faith.
  8. Without having that understanding of what emotions are and what they are doing to us we cannot analyse the way in which emotions disturb our balance and what that should teach us about ourselves and our relationship with the world.
  9. "I swore, Lachlan Cattanach!" he murmured, too softly to disturb the big man drifting in happy, relieved sleep.
  10. Yet this had long been known: for example, the maxims of La Rochefoucauld, which retain their power to amuse and disturb, established conclusively that many things in human affairs are far from what they seem.
  11. "He didn't want to disturb you."
  12. As long as that doesn't disturb him.
  13. If you have never experienced this, try it out for yourself one day when your mind is calm and you are not with companions who will ridicule you or otherwise disturb your peace of mind.

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