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Перевод слова

Перевод: distrust speek distrust

недоверие; сомнение; подозрение;
не доверять; сомневаться; подозревать


  1. Then, because fomenting distrust between the two men was all he could do, "You get a chance, shoot him," he advised with a nod at Louis: "You don't, he'll kill you."
  2. You wonder that it should seem to me at first all illusion But how natural - It is true of me very true that I have not a high appreciation of what passes in the world under the name of love; that a distrust of the thing had grown to be a habit of mind with me when I knew you first.
  3. You decide whether you approve or disapprove, whether you like or dislike, whether you trust or distrust.
  4. This is how markets operate the world over, but distrust of Billingsgate's dealing seems to be a problem.
  5. "My nature is fickle - a little insane - and entirely barren in soul, and in these "moods of distrust" he needs her love.
  6. Deep gashes of black under the eyes, skin the colour of ashes, a slight wobbliness to his movements, His speech is fastidious, precise in a way that would seem pompous if he were at all ebullient; but with his small, gave voice - sometimes withering, always withered - the impression is of a wary distrust of words and the ways they can be misconstrued.
  7. Other recent prime ministers had been aware of the shortcomings of policy advice from Whitehall, but none had acquired the almost visceral distrust which characterized some of the early Thatcher advisers.
  8. He is unlikely to have lost his distrust of the self; and he is likely (and welcome) to resume his furious fictions.
  9. True faith in God means that I distrust myself in order to trust in God.
  10. The episode could only have increased his distrust of authority and his disdain for the bourgeois.
  11. One consequence of this has been a distrust of geometric intuition and the downgrading of geometry by educationalists over the past 50 years or so.
  12. In the words of J. H. H. Holmes, "They turned the poignancy of their feelings into distrust and imputations upon the proprietors and overseers of the mines."
  13. Pondering what she had just heard, Wilson went home, wondering if Mr Browning felt the same distrust of Mrs Eckley as she did.

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