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Перевод слова

Перевод: dislike speek dislike

нерасположение; неприязнь ; нелюбовь ; антипатия ;
испытывать неприязнь; испытывать нерасположение; не любить; недолюбливать


  1. It is very important that teenagers should never feel rejected by their parents, either because the parents really have given up on them or else because they treat them with coldness and apparent disapproval or dislike.
  2. I am prepared to accept that anyone who knows me may dislike me, but when someone who cannot dislike me because they don't know me, attacks me, I collapse inside, I lose eloquence, I get frightened, sometimes I cry.
  3. There was an ironical twist to all this, for the United States government never concealed its hearty dislike of Napoleon III and his regime.
  4. Governments have an ambivalent attitude towards defectors because although they recognise their information is of value, even though it may prove highly embarrassing, they dislike having to deal with traitors.
  5. The prudish Victorians attempted to divert attention from the overtly sexual nature of weddings and invented the cake as we now know and probably dislike it.
  6. Universities dislike students who change courses in the middle of a year.
  7. BM demands that you specify the exact behaviour which you dislike.
  8. Such time as he had spent on commercial subjects (in vacations, etc) had produced a profound dislike for them.
  9. He glared at Yanto with genuine dislike as he stomped through the front porch of the pub.
  10. And there were others less distinguished, perhaps, but whose lively presence made any visit memorable; for instance, Mr Wilkinson, valet-butler to Mr John Campbell, with his well-known repertoire of impersonations of prominent gentlemen; Mr Davidson from Easterly House, whose passion in debating a point could at times be as alarming to a stranger as his simple kindness at all other times was endearing; Mr Herman, valet to Mr John Henry peters, whose extreme views no one could listen to passively, but whose distinctive belly-laugh and Yorkshire charm made him impossible to dislike.
  11. Some were of definite dislike.
  12. If you dislike the aroma, you have only wasted a tiny amount of essential oil.
  13. Lots of people turn off as soon as the person they're talking to reveals an interest in or opinion on something they dislike or disagree with.

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