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Перевод слова

Перевод: disguise speek disguise

маскировка ; переодевание; сокрытие; обман ; маска ; обманчивая внешность; личина ;
маскировать; переодевать; делать неузнаваемым; скрывать


  1. Step-up roundhouse kick (a) Use a snap punch to disguise your step-up
  2. Kahlo's adoption of Tehuana dress, while being an attractive disguise of what she saw as a less than perfect body, asserted both a feminist and an anti-colonialist position.
  3. At its worst romanticism can be a cloak to disguise naked evil.
  4. If you have a regional accent, don't be tempted to try to disguise it, in all probability it will simply sound affected.
  5. In the description of the sprinkler and the apron, and especially the altar, the internalization of law (as disguise) results in this sacrilege within reverence, an intimacy with law which can blow apart its ideological effect (revealing the hidden side of the altar) - and with a strange knowing innocence strangely inseparable from that intimacy.
  6. Servant's hands, which nothing could disguise.
  7. We don't attempt to disguise that we're four fallible people up there playing music.
  8. Reducing the height might help, but otherwise it's best to simple disguise the damage by planting decorative shrubs beside the hedge.
  9. Dot tried not to think of Hitler, nor of Dick Barton Special Agent, nor of the Fifth Columnists, nor of those giant nuns with rifles and huge booted feet beneath their long black skirts who were enemy soldiers in disguise.
  10. In Figure 8.8b the makeup used to disguise repairs fluoresces under ultra-violet radiation.
  11. As in this passage, Genet not only disguises himself in terms of the law, but internalizes the disguise.
  12. Anderson was unique, brought in to fill two vital functions: the need for a medic, and the need to give G9 something special, some angle that would disguise its true nature, an extraordinary elite fighting group trained for any emergency.
  13. He must be careful to disguise his handwriting.

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