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Перевод слова

Перевод: disable speek disable

делать неспособным; делать непригодным; делать нетрудоспособным; калечить; делать неправоспособным; лишать права; лишать возможности; запрещать


  1. Hands in pockets, Lennon sauntered through the plaza, pausing only to disable any artificial lifeforms that approached him asking questions.
  2. He remembers hearing it said that each man in one gang at least vowed to kill or disable the keepers if they attempted to thwart their attacks on the game.
  3. Future hijackers may be smart enough to disable the satcom link but simply knowing where and when it happens could be a useful clue.
  4. Foot soldiers used daggers extensively to disable unhorsed knights; these daggers were known as cultelli and occasionally approached the length of a short sword.
  5. Coleridge was the first to recognize that " Freshmen always begin very furiously "; but so long as Middleton was at hand to guide and encourage, he overcame the weakness of will and habit of procrastination which were always ready to disable him.
  6. They would use incendiary-cum-explosive bombs to disable the aircraft and then retire to a pre-arranged rendezvous point in the desert where they could be picked up by a patrol of the Long Range Desert Group (LRDG).
  7. "We've had this security feller tell us how he could disable a punter by cutting the tendons at the back of his leg with this fancy Stanley blade.
  8. One command-line switch will make use of a maximum of 512K of expanded memory, either EMS 3.2 or 4.0; another will put overlays into extended memory; a third disables the "degree of freedom" facility for errors in curve fitting, and a fourth can be used to disable a mouse even if one if fitted and nominally active.
  9. Micro Twist incorporates the ability to disable the link integrity test, thereby allowing older Starlan equipment to be integrated into the 10BaseT environment.
  10. At the Labour Party Conference of 1957, it was generally accepted that to give up the independent nuclear deterrent would disable a future Labour government from pursuing a foreign policy not approved by Washington.
  11. Because of this the shot which Lennon had intended to take Zambia through the leg to disable hir, sliced into hir shoulder, the side of hir neck, and made a messy slash clean to hir belly.
  12. Many people are worried that it can only be used for the disable person.
  13. This is the 4.5-ton "pod", two of which are strapped to the belly of every Tornado aircraft sent out to disable an Iraqi airfield: the pod disgorges high-explosive bombs that leave craters, as well as anti-personnel bombs to complicate the task of clearing up the damage.

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