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Перевод слова

Перевод: dignify speek dignify

воздавать почести; возвеличивать; возводить в сан; облагораживать; придавать достоинство; удостаивать; удостаивать имени; величать


  1. What we observe, however we dignify it, is the pre -linguistic prototype and it will include the gestural and vocal "primitive forms" of language observed in the vast majority of higher species.
  2. Social minded reformers in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries collated statistics which pointed to the influence of lack of sanitation and poor living conditions on a host of diseases such as diphtheria , scurvy, smallpox, and TB, little aware that later generations would dignify their efforts as alternative medicine.
  3. I'd not dignify it thus," laughed Richard.
  4. But to call it "presidential" is both to go too far and to dignify it.
  5. I'm not going to dignify his abuse by reacting to it seriously.
  6. Although precious substances have done much to dignify and enrich the lives of individuals, their prime function has always been social.
  7. Such novels may not greatly dignify the world they describe, or even get it right; but their fascination with the inner workings of an administrative system are ultimately reverent, and Snow himself was to end his career in London and not in Cambridge, where he had begun as a scientist: a peer and, briefly, a government minister.
  8. Jane continued her career - if you can dignify it with such a name - on Vogue , where the personnel manager fiercely shot at her the rhetorical question: "You've got a private income, of course ?"
  9. Without the royal family, titles would be just that - forms of address for the self-important to dignify themselves.
  10. In the Mediterranean ivory was the most favoured precious substance used to dignify and embellish wooden thrones.
  11. There is an aesthetic, if we can dignify it with that word, which distinguishes blood sports from each other.
  12. The French Dragoons crossed the frontier with drawn swords, but the weapons served no purpose other than to dignify the moment with a suitable melodrama, for there was not so much as a single Dutch customs officer to oppose the invasion.
  13. I cannot dignify him with the name of physician should send to their doom many poor souls who might, with the proper treatment, recover!

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