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Перевод слова

Перевод: dig speek dig

тычок ; пинок ; толчок ; издевка ; колкость ; насмешка ; прилежный студент; берлога ; нора ;
копать; рыть; нарыть; выкапывать; вскопать; прорывать; раскапывать; выискивать; разыскивать; откапывать; докапываться; вонзать; тыкать; толкать; впиваться; понимать; ценить; усердно долбить; зубрить


  1. In the postwar years, the trade unions spent many years digging their own grave, before, notoriously, they disgusted public opinion by refusing to dig real graves in the 1979 public sector strikes.
  2. "A bit deep for potatoes, those holes", he said, "My goodness, boy, if you dig much deeper you'll land up in China!"
  3. Dig them out of your memory and start the process of changing your own personality, however uncomfortable that may be.
  4. Please let me know if you need any further information on the locations, and I'll see what I can dig up.
  5. Mr Taylor said he was encouraged to "dig in his heels" after reading an article in Money-Go-Round about the successful fight of Annette Price whose home insurance claim was refused because insurers queried the locks on her front door - despite the fact that the burglars had entered and left by a window.
  6. He said we couldn't ask the grave-diggers to dig another grave.
  7. This is an excellent drill for learning how to "dig in" under a fierce advance.
  8. Here, as well as an engine house and other works, is Mandale Sough, a drainage channel one mile long which took twenty-three years to dig.
  9. The skill of sailing the board at an angle, allowing the downwind rail to dig in and therefore providing more sideways resistance.
  10. A major difference between brachiopods and bivalves is that the latter are capable of moving freely, using their foot to crawl or dig.
  11. Mark the spot on the surface just beyond the distance you can see down the burrow, and this is where you dig your first hole.
  12. Sadly, manufacturers of more modern machines save themselves a few pennies and if it is "user ports" or analogue to digital converters that are required then the customer must dig even more deeply into his or her pocket!
  13. This corpse looks fresh - it's a good job they don't bury people properly round here, else I'd have to dig 'em up.

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