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Перевод слова

Перевод: different speek different

различный; разный; отличный от; несходный; непохожий; неодинаковый; другой; не такой; необычный


  1. He maintains that the smaller, shorter, heavier muscled Dutch Texel is the ideal terminal sire for the Mule because they are so completely different in conformation.
  2. Of course all the advantages of MIDI are here: instant switching of totally different sounds and the ability of the TriAxis to talk to other MIDI devices.
  3. Eventually, we will have to look for different fuels, according to Larry Jenney, of the US Transportation Research Board, in Washington DC, but fuel efficiency is an essential first step.
  4. Jupiter is no ordinary planet: it almost made the grade as a star and a study of its wondrously complex magnetosphere - so different from the Earth's - provides valuable insights into distant astrophysical objects.
  5. Usually they get taken from 100ft up, but the one I have is a little different.
  6. Nevertheless he points out that in Britain we appear to have industrial malaise, adversary politics and a society that is different in quality compared to other developed European countries.
  7. Different countries put different interpretations on these manageable levels.
  8. Sometimes this may mean taking advantage of options offered by just one type of finance, sometimes it may mean combining different types of finance.
  9. Imagine a record card with boxes for different kinds of information: name, address, telephone number, age, sex, estimated income, creditworthiness.
  10. Her work showed that the cells migrate to many different sites in the embryo developing into the skeletal elements of the head, all the pigment cells in the body, most of the nerves of the involuntary nervous systems, sensory nerves, and a variety of glands.
  11. Six barrages on the Indus itself, and more in the river's tributaries, have created impassable barriers, preventing seasonal migrations and separating and isolating different populations.
  12. In discussing a different though related issue, Lacan observes that "the latest developments in modern thought on language" are only a rediscovery of what was already known to Augustine, who "orients his entire dialectic around these three poles, error, mistake, ambiguity of speech".
  13. "There are actually a couple of different prototypes.

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