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Перевод слова

Перевод: devote speek devote

посвящать; посветить; предаваться; уделять


  1. In a rapidly changing world, preoccupied by Eastern Europe, the American Administration may not have the time or patience to devote to Israelis and Palestinians.
  2. From now on, he would have to devote himself to private achievements.
  3. It is not obligatory for directors to devote continuous attention to the affairs of the company.
  4. A party leader who hopes to reach 10 Downing Street has to devote much time to party management, and policies and appointments have to be made with an eye on the reactions of party factions.
  5. Once they've completed their trip all they want to do is head off back home and they simply don't devote the time, energy and money on clearing up.
  6. They were a tremendous help during that period when my athletics earning power was almost nil but I had to devote all my time to athletics to achieve success.
  7. Although the Church of the period lamented Charles' sexual vigour and lack of suppressive morality, to the modern imagination it seems remarkable that he could rule a vast empire and still have time to devote to three concubines.
  8. In the last resort the only satisfactory answer to the question, "Why do you devote yourself to the attempt to understand?" is, "Because I derive so strong a satisfaction from doing so."
  9. When they do use credit, the instalment payments tend to be a heavier burden for poorer people, in terms of the proportion of their income which they have to devote to them.
  10. I cannot devote a whole book to the subject, so my descriptions of the numerous cheeses available will be rather brief.
  11. Those who devote their lives to others have that inspiration.
  12. While Birtwell, who is a fisheries research scientist with the Canadian government in Vancouver, has still to decide whether or not he can continue to devote the time needed to coach the national team, he has no doubts as to what the future holds.
  13. Each time Celia re-entered the clinic he could not deny a feeling of overwhelming relief, although he still tried to spend at least one night at home mid-week, if only for the brief half-hour in the morning, which he was able to devote to Harry.

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