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Перевод: detachment speek detachment

разъединение; отделение; беспристрастность ; непредубежденность ; независимость ; отчужденность ; отрешенность ; обособленность ; отряд ; отряд кораблей; минометный расчет; орудийный расчет; командирование; откомандирование; выделение; отслойка


  1. Those Israelis whom this behaviour most appals have long been likening it to the earlier stages of Nazism, an analogy that found startling vindication with the recent disclosure that some units in the occupied territories draw on Nazi precedents for their own self-image, one calling itself the "Mengele detachment" and another "the Auschwitz company".
  2. And the former head of the Hitler Youth, Baldur von Schirach, who retained even at Nuremberg a nave attachment to Hitler, indicated in his memoirs the effect on Hitler himself of the constant toadying and sycophancy which surrounded him, shielding him from rational criticism or genuine debate, and bolstering his increasing detachment from reality.
  3. "On detachment.
  4. Graham responded by collecting an army of his own, including a detachment of regular soldiers from the garrison at Carlisle.
  5. As Cohen (1984: 227) points out: "by detachment I do not mean we have to distance ourselves emotionally; that I think would be perverse.
  6. With its massive architecture and landscaped grounds, guarded at every entrance by watchful security staff, the University seems to Vic rather like a small city-state, an academic Vatican, from which he keeps his distance, both intimidated by and disapproving of its air of privileged detachment from the vulgar, bustling industrial city in which it is embedded.
  7. The existence of L Detachment at Jalo was not mentioned in radio traffic, just in case somebody decided to order them back to Kabrit.
  8. A pair of golden eagles may defend a territory of up to 16 square miles, living there in splendid detachment from the remainder of their species.
  9. L Detachment, carrying their weapons, bombs and personal equipment, proceeded to the forward airfield at Bagoush in high spirits.
  10. Right now, though, these fine sentiments have got a fat chance of being put into practice where I'm standing, boiling the milk for yet more midnight cocoa: with a baby of six weeks in the family, the philosophy of parental detachment is a far cry from reality.
  11. But we do have to attempt to maintain some intellectual detachment".
  12. And in your detachment you possess all things.
  13. During gastrulation, differences in cell adhesion guide the cells; during lens formation the lens cells lose adhesion with adjacent cells at the time of detachment; and somite formation is essentially an increase in adhesiveness locally.

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