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Перевод слова

Перевод: dessert speek dessert

десерт ; сладкое


  1. Stella Dessert
  2. Egremont Russet Dessert
  3. In Italy it is often found flavoured with crystallised fruits for eating as a dessert cheese, or it can be used plain for cooking, but mainly for desserts.
  4. The 1989 orange muscat flora from Brown Brothers is the choice to partner the dessert.
  5. Pour cream over the dessert if you dare!
  6. The remote island of Pantelleria, off the coast of Sicily and more than halfway to Tunisia, produces a superb dessert wine.
  7. There was a posy of pale spring flowers wrapped in damp newspaper to keep them fresh, a bag of potatoes tied with bristly twine, six eggs in a carton, carrots unearthed from the sandheap in which they had lain stored against invasion of the wire-worm, and a selection of dessert apples, no mere windfalls but blemish-free bests, each polished to a rosy sheen by Loopy Lil.
  8. I often mix French chocolate with an English dessert variety for chocolate sauces.
  9. Meat and cheese must come after fish; there is fruit for dessert.
  10. The classiest, most chocolatey chocolate puddings are made with best quality, slightly bitter dessert chocolate that is high in cocoa solids.
  11. 225g/8oz plain dessert chocolate, broken into pieces 3 15ml/tbsp rum or liqueur of your choice 225g/8oz unsalted butter 25g/1oz caster sugar 2 eggs, separated 150g/5oz blanched almonds, finely chopped 12 petit beurre biscuits, cut cleanly into halves icing sugar for dredging (optional) cream to serve (optional)
  12. The stuffed saddle of lamb was the work of John King of Les Ambassadeurs, and Martin Docket, chef ptissier of The Connaught, prepared the apple pastry dessert.
  13. Harvest pears, cooking apples and dessert apples as soon as they have ripened.

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