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Перевод слова

Перевод: desire speek desire

желание; сильное желание; страсть ; вожделение; просьба ; пожелание; волеизъявление; предмет желания; мечта ;
желать; хотеть; просить; требовать


  1. Desire and Difference
  2. It knows too the impurity of transgressive desire, and most of all perhaps the impurity of dominant forms of identity, be they white, heterosexual, whatever.
  3. She was learning to recognize the effect she had on men, and to her surprise she saw the hint of desire creep into his gaze.
  4. They desire to keep perfectly still; the more and the longer they move the more they suffer.
  5. Conversely, those whom he is supposed to desire, and always in specified ways, namely women, he is discouraged from identifying with: that would equal effeminacy; so in relation to them desire for precludes identification with.
  6. The desire to create a pseudo-history of the movement's afterlife may be good for business, and may have provided extra material for the book (I refer to the Boston text, see pp. 10-;13) but it is not in keeping with the purer aims of the Situationists outlined elsewhere in these and other texts.
  7. It sounds fantastic to say that one can be enamoured of a season, but that is something like what happened: and, as before, the experience was one of intense desire.
  8. He cannot understand that he is waiting only a matter of moments before his desire will be satisfied.
  9. This repeated disavowal of direct desire in favour of imitative alliance is a crucial precondition of one kind of male bonding (what someone once called penises in parallel).
  10. MATURITY IS: The understanding that if love is not viewed more as a commitment to be entered into than a desire to be fulfilled, neither will happen.
  11. With God as the absorbing focus of our lives, we can act and love, trust and desire, in ever-deepening channels that flow into the ocean itself.
  12. THE DESIRE for healthier lifestyles is leading to growing acceptance of alternative medicine in treating minor ailments, a report by Mintel market analysts claimed yesterday.
  13. The opening paragraph provides the main reason - a desire for a higher standard of living.

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