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Перевод: depth speek depth

глубина ; глубь ; пучина ; глубины ; интенсивность ; густота ; сила ; разгар ; середина ; толщина ; высота


  1. There arose within me without warning, and as if from a depth not of years but of centuries, the memory of that earlier morning at the Old House when my brother had brought his toy garden into the nursery.
  2. The shelving sliders at either end of the graphic's bands prove particularly useful when using 5 and 6-string basses, allowing straightforward boost or cut across a wide frequency range, and giving the bassist well-defined depth on the lower strings and bright treble at the top, but with a "cut mid" to minimise that confusion of bass and lower mid frequencies.
  3. Most disconcerting, to those who love The Discarded Image , is the apparent cheerfulness with which he abandons the depth and range of his historical imagination in favour of a style of rhetoric which seems more reminiscent of the Belfast police courts.
  4. Want to give your tank the appearance of greater depth?
  5. The software can load and save the results for a sample, characterised by the number of phrases and their depth and type, set up a continuous dialogue with the operator and update the database for tests in progress.
  6. Ellwood et al. (1980), however, argued that when the maximum depth of burial (estimated at 12 km) and age are taken into account, the sediments underlying the Piedmont, though not as altered as the surface rocks, are likely to have been raised to the greenschist phase of metamorphism and so presumably have little remaining hydrocarbon potential.
  7. Dead graptoloids simply drifted down to the bottom where they were preserved by dark muds at a depth at which there was little oxygen in the water to support bottom-dwelling organisms.
  8. University is where a small range of closely related subjects is studied in depth.
  9. For flush-mounted switches, you will have to make a hole in a solid wall to take a metal mounting box - most light switches fit into a 16mm plaster - depth wall box, so you don't have to cut away any of the brick or block.
  10. The picture elements for the depth, transformed to white light by the phosphor, will thus be instantaneously projected onto the screen at their true relative depth.
  11. Operating depth can be varied between 30mm and 150mm (1 and 6in).
  12. This extraordinary man, explorer, farmer, writer and mystic, taught Charles to seek the depth and strength within himself, to use the experience of Mountbatten's death, to use the suffering and learn from it: to grow in the spiritual sense; and above all, to ensure that his great-uncle had not died in vain.
  13. It requires a depth of human understanding, an ability to communicate on a one-to-one basis with different characters, and I do not believe that Frank can do this very well.

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