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Перевод слова

Перевод: depend speek depend

зависеть; полагаться; рассчитывать; находиться на иждивении; находиться на рассмотрении


  1. Their lives depend on you."
  2. To the man on whose support he would now increasingly depend, he wrote a little before the end, "It is not pleasant, Thomas Poole! to have worked 14 weeks for nothing - for nothing - nay - to have given the Public in addition to that toil five 40 pounds!"
  3. I argue that even if only one process were involved, the outcome would depend on conditions and, since conditions vary, so must the behavioural outcome.
  4. In addition, domestic water is generally charged at a flat-rate, which does not depend on consumption, and, in the absence of meters, there is no incentive for customers to conserve water - nor is there any indication to the consumer of the price of the water.
  5. On the one hand, it is clear that we depend for survival upon our bodies, whereas we may not want to say that God depends upon the world for survival.
  6. In our response to the English language, both as readers and writers, we depend on an intimate feeling for words and rhythms and innuendoes and images and ironies which can only be achieved by exposure to great English literature.
  7. One "character", Sharon, the schoolgirl who loves (among other things) the Brontes, had been written for Sugar and Spite and she didn't depend on rhyme for her humour and seemed less steam-radio-Stanley-Holloway-meets-Flanders- and-Swann-meets-Joyce-Grenfell-old-fashioned.
  8. The health of the industry in the longer term, and hence the degree of independence Britain would attain in military aircraft production, would depend on the outcome.
  9. Much will probably depend upon whether you are complaining about a single, unequivocal act, such as suspension in breach of your contract, in which event you ought to respond rapidly, or something such as a gradual change in your status, which may require prolonged consideration.
  10. Changes in these supply and demand factors depend on the physical and mental capacity of individuals for work and the requirements of employment, but also on the personal choice of individuals, the marginal productivity of other groups in the labour market, the flexibility of remuneration schemes, and institutional factors such as pension-scheme regulations.
  11. Whether they believe that we change through investigation of the unconscious mind, through investigation of the relationship that forms between a therapist and client, through group experience or through changing patterns of behaviour will depend to some extent on which one of these experiences they can best identify with themselves.
  12. Future payments totalling 18.5m will depend on average post-tax profits over the next four years.
  13. But the real reason is almost certainly the devastating impact which selling the pots-and-pans business could have on Corning and other small towns that depend on the company for their prosperity.

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