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Перевод слова

Перевод: dense speek dense

густой; плотный; дремучий; непрозрачный; частый; компактный; тупой; глупый; недогадливый


  1. The fire was discovered at 3 a.m. by a master working late, and together with two boys - one of whom climbed a waterspout to get to the juniors' bedroom via the roof and the other operated a hand-pump in dense smoke - managed to raise the alarm.
  2. In a few sheltered rocky glens and on inaccessible cliff ledges and islands in larger lochs, dense stands of scrub of Salix aurita and S. cinerea subsp. oleifolia occur with scattered bushes of Betula pubescens, Corylus avellana, Lonicera periclymenum, Populus tremula, Rosa afzeliana, Rubus fruticosus agg., and Sorbus aucuparia (Spence, 1960; Bennett and Fossitt, 1989).
  3. Although they will gallop around trying to get rid of the bot-fly, they seem to quickly discover that the bot will not follow them into the dense shade of a shelter shed or stable.
  4. There must also have been a great number of ferns, lycopods and horsetails existing as understorey plants but also isolated in dense swards, There was not the wide-scale domination of conifers hinted by Benton which somewhat invokes a picture of foodless dark plantation-style forests.
  5. A writer called Thomas Carlyle described it in 1824 as " A frightful scene a dense cloud of pestilential smoke hangs over it forever and at night the whole region becomes like a volcano spitting fire from a thousand tubes of brick ."
  6. At a site by the Royal Hotel that has remained undeveloped for 40 years, sycamore (Acer pseudo platanus) is beginning to appear above a dense patch of buddleia; the sycamore is probably the natural successor to buddleia in this city.
  7. It was small, immensely hot and filled with a dense soup of the fundamental particles: quarks (which are heavy) and leptons (which are light).
  8. The party reached the lip of the main summit crater safely, only to find that it was quite docile, and that there was little to see within the crater apart from dense, swirling clouds of pungent sulphurous steam.
  9. The dark band below the centre is the innermost dust lane, dense enough to absorb some infrared; the dust lane in fact glows slightly "red" with 2.2-mm radiation from regions within it where stars are forming.
  10. But these owls prefer to hunt in dense, forest-like plantations with some 220 palms per hectare, where they "perch and wait" for the rats.
  11. There were also criticisms from teachers, parents and students that the revised curriculum content was much too dense and demanding, with the result that teachers were pressured to rush through it.
  12. Crataegus , or hawthorn, makes a dense hedge which lends itself well to severe formal trimming
  13. Standard polyurethane foam ignites rapidly, forming dense clouds of smoke and toxic vapour as it does so.

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