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Перевод слова

Перевод: delusion speek delusion

обман ; обман чувств; заблуждение; иллюзия ; делюзия ; мания ; галлюцинация ; наваждение


  1. The American policy-makers were labouring under the delusion that such a force would be attractive to the Europeans.
  2. The final shattering of the delusion did not take place until the 1940s; but when it did occur, it prompted not the abandonment of the system of the delusion itself but a further and almost incredible elaboration of it.
  3. How long can we healthily continue the diet of delusion?
  4. He can find only delusion, tyranny or demagoguery among the various heads of state and assembled representatives.
  5. THE LATEST rise in interest rates finally quashes the foolish delusion that Margaret Thatcher's economic policies were designed to help the entrepreneurial classes, for they need low, stable sources of credit.
  6. Pantisocracy, the everlasting theme, he considered an "epidemic delusion" of comic potential, a judgement not inappropriate to some of Southey's more absurd pronouncements on the subject that summer, but less than fair to the deep seriousness with which Coleridge had begun to form his Pantisocratic ideas of social relations and social justice.
  7. Of possession as the delusion we all run aground on.
  8. In each case, if I am to claim that this revelation or experience is of "God", and is not simply an expression of some form of mental delusion which should be referred to a psychoanalyst, then I am forced to debate the interpretation that I am giving.
  9. We sat in the packed aisles, the building's relative simplicity a delusion for what was to follow.
  10. The fascination of this book is in its clear-sighted debunking of the myths which many have fondly mistaken for historical truth: that Columbus was really aiming for Asia, that he and his sailors thought the world was flat, that Queen Isabella pawned her jewels to finance his trips and came down with her husband to wave him off from the docks, or even (a fondly-cherished delusion) that these were journeys of discovery rather than intentional acquisition and expansion of the Spanish empire.
  12. It's quite a common delusion.
  13. The title "Head of the Commonwealth", against which from the government benches I registered a lone protest upon the second reading of the Royal Titles Bill in March 1953, enshrines a paradox which thirty years ago two countries in particular conspired for their own purposes to ignore: India, in order to become a republic while forfeiting none of the privileges which allegiance had conferred, and Britain, in order to feed its delusion that the Empire was being transformed into something brighter and better still.

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