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Перевод: deficit speek deficit

дефицит ; нехватка ; недочет ; недостача ; брешь


  1. America's visible-trade deficit widened to 9.3 billion in January, boosted by a surge in oil imports.
  2. Police are investigating a 3m deficit at Craven Grain, the Leominster grain co-op which last week accepted the resignation of general manager Brian Muxlow.
  3. Comparing like with like, Concept says that consolidated 1992 revenues were down to 62.5m from 71.5m; its net loss of 11.9m was only a fraction of 1991's whopping 107.3m deficit.
  4. They have talented players and can overcome the 4-;2 deficit against Spartak Moscow.
  5. The net result: a current-account deficit last year of 2.1 billion, and of 1.8 billion in January alone this year.
  6. Brentwood No. 1 Andrew Moir fell to Keith Tomlin in the opening singles clash, leaving Blakeman - a member of Yorkshire's national title-winning-side - with a rubber deficit to pull back, and having to do so against recent Cellnet National singles champion Martin Adebisi.
  7. The mayors' plan, targeting 35 billion in fiscal assistance, public works, community development black grants, job training, and low-interest small-business loans, has been taken up in Congress where it has met the famous legislated "wall", which prevents shift of military funds to social programmes rather than to deficit reduction.
  8. Meanwhile the eastern states are sliding towards a budget deficit of DM50 billion this year and many towns there are nearly bankrupt.
  9. partly this was because the current account deficit appears much smaller in current (1980s) data than it was thought to be by contemporaries; mainly, it would seem, because the invisible position was actually much better than was then realized.
  10. The worse-than-expected deficit was due to 74m of write-downs on investment property and housing land and the cost of rationalising the engineering and construction operations.
  11. We should be cautious about putting too much weight on the analogy between the memory losses observed in people and the deficit in "working memory" observed in rats, simply because the humans concerned have a deficit in verbal memory, and the rats don't have language.
  12. A lesser squad, after three earlier defeats, would have crumbled facing an 18-;4 deficit; Rugby Canada rallied to match Waikato's three tries, only one converted, giving the home side victory by two goals, a try, a drop goal and three penalty goals to a goal and two tries.
  13. New York is planning for another deficit this year.

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