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Перевод: debt speek debt



  1. The amount, date and full details of the debt
  2. The IASC's exposure draft E40 proposes that split accounting be required for convertible debt.
  3. The fact that the government is financing all their perks with a national debt that will bankrupt their children and a taxation policy that will see all their factory jobs being given to cheapo Moroccans and Poles has not yet struck home.
  4. The old debt has been nagging away these last 16 years, and Moore made a point last week of reminding Bobby Robson of the hostile reception England can expect on Wednesday.
  5. City: Debt figures hint at new confidence
  6. Generally, if security is given for a debt and default is made in repayment of that debt, the secured creditor is entitled to appoint a receiver to safeguard his interest.
  7. Previous MERAWEC workshops have included The Image of the Arab and the African in the Western Media , Portraits of Women from the Middle East and Africa , Debt and Democracy and we plan seminars on Women and Oil , Western Feminism and Third World Women , Migration and Women .
  8. After starting last year with net debt of 6.3m, it now has net cash of almost 4m.
  9. The Financial Accounting Standards Board is to press ahead with an approach that would expand the use of fair value accounting for investments in debt and equity securities.
  10. PROPERTY-RELATED DEBT: A MAP OF THE MINEFIELD The good news about property-related debt is that there are many ways to deal with it; the bad news is that a lot can go wrong in the process
  11. Otherwise, the under sheriff pays to the creditor sufficient money to cover the judgment debt, costs and interest and fi.
  12. Or they could convert their debt into new guaranteed bonds whose yield was just 6.5%.
  13. "I am forever in your debt."

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