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Перевод слова

Перевод: dazzle speek dazzle

ослепление; ослепительный блеск; ослепительный свет; поражение;
ослеплять; ослеплять ярким светом; ослеплять ярким блеском; ослеплять ярким великолепием; поражать знаниями; поражать талантом; маскировать окраской


  1. This provides 36 squares, and even at this low number, a potential for dazzle emerges.
  2. It has been claimed that the vivid pattern of black and white stripes creates a dazzle effect, rather like the Op Art paintings of Bridget Riley and that this disconcerts the attacking predator at close quarters.
  3. He also had a real enjoyment of brief, casual relationships, sexual or otherwise; one of his gay friends remarked to me that even with a passing infatuation, a pick-up, John never tried to impress people with who he was, never used the glamour of his position to dazzle them, but was interested most in finding out who they were, what kind of person.
  4. The Emperor, however, had not sought power simply in order to dazzle contemporaries with spectacle, but rather with the aim of putting France in the forefront of general progress and restoring her to what he considered to be her rightful place in Europe.
  5. Jay sat on the white balcony, shaded from a Mediterranean sun burning off white walls, sparking off a turquoise sea where the bright sails of a skiff were silk balloons shot with dazzle, sparkles of pure light bursting behind the boat as it skimmed the perfect waters.
  6. Midday burns the sky azure, bleaches to blind dazzle a field of ripe wheat.
  7. (b) If the number of lines per set becomes plenty , dazzle will certainly arise unless a method of grouping or pattern is introduced into the grid.
  8. Proceeds from the Yehudi Menuhin School concert, combined with the Razzle Dazzle raffle have started the ball rolling, and Mrs. Nicholas would welcome any further ideas for fund-raising or offers of help - contact her at Alton community Centre on Alton 85057.
  9. He was older than Roland, a child of the Sixties who had temporarily dropped out, opted for freedom and Parisian revolutions, sitting at the feet of Barthes and Foucault, before coming back to dazzle Prince Albert College.
  10. Indeed, l believe that inklings of this understanding, "Intimations of the Infinite", are experienced by many of us at least once in a lifetime and are available to all if we can simply open our hearts to the inward life which is calling us, but is obscured by the continuous dazzle and activity of our own superficial minds and senses.
  11. The trio of mid-Seventies snarl-toothed rock albums, Fear, Slow Dazzle and Helen of Troy were the best-received work of his career.
  12. THE ONLY way to haggle is to dazzle your quarry with a winning smile, says a guide to effective negotiation out today.
  13. In bright and sunny conditions, they will give an unearthly psychedelic punch and dazzle to the scene, with great aesthetic impact.

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