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Перевод слова

Перевод: cute speek cute

привлекательный; миловидный; милый; умный; сообразительный; находчивый; остроумный


  1. CUTE QUOTIENT: Pretty with lively big eyes and a wide mouth.
  2. Looking (at first glance) like a cross between a Nintendo Gameboy and a bend-i-bus, the Quickshot Supervision features a comfortable, ergonomic design, 61mm square screen, stereo sound and cute little screen tilter that lets you play it flat without developing a permanent rick in your neck!
  3. "The Zoom is ecologically correct, cute to behold, and promises to be highly practical both to run and keep.
  4. THEY were fresh-faced and cute and heralded the Swinging Sixties.
  5. But he's not cute."
  6. SOFT drinks giant PepsiCo has adorned the front cover of its annual report with pictures of cute white bunnies.
  7. WHEN director Alan Rudolph cast cute couple Bruce Willis and Demi Moore in his suspense drama Mortal Thoughts , little did he know the pair would do over 200 million of business this summer (with Die Hard 2 and Ghost ), an unexpected boost that could give the arthouse auteur a much-needed hit
  8. Most memorable is the Andrex one showing a cute puppy, and a boy on a loo.
  9. That's completely gone, and now with the emphasis on the woman lawyer the interest is in her relationship with her cute young male assistant lawyer.
  10. Moles, cute but catastrophic
  11. Overlook the oddball Cynos badge on the back (Cynos is derived from cynosure, or centre of attention) and the cute rear-drive Toyota coupe has plenty going for it.
  12. Toyota's Paseo coupe is cute and excellent value for money, but it lacks sparkle.
  13. "And you think Sweetman's cute?"

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