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Перевод слова

Перевод: cut speek cut

срезанный; отрезанный; обрезанный; порезанный; нарезанный; подрезанный; подстриженный; скроенный; сниженный; уменьшенный; кастрированный;
порез ; разрез ; сечение; рана ; кратчайший путь; резаная рана; разрезание; резание; выемка ; канал ; зарубка ; удар ; засечка ; вырезка ; профиль ; покрой ; покрой одежды; снижение; купюра ; монтаж ; путь ; резкое замечание; прекращение; прекращение подачи; гравюра на дереве; снятие; быстрая смена кадров; пролет ;
резать; разрез`ать; резаться; срез`ать; отрезать; стричь; остригать; подстричь; постригать; постригаться; сокращать; сокращать путь; идти напрямик; снижать; снижать цены; урезывать; монтировать; высекать; кроить; скроить; резко ударить; причинять острую боль; обижать; ранить; пересекать; пересекаться; удирать; переставать; прекращать; прерывать знакомство; пропускать; делать вид, что не замечаешь; не кланяться; не присутствовать; снимать колоду; бурить; тесать; стесывать; косить; подкашивать; жать (косить); убирать урожай; валить; рубить; нарубить; перерубать; рассечь; шлифовать; гранить; обделать; прорезываться; кастрировать


  1. Milpitas, California-based Adaptec Inc says it has no immediate response to reports that competitor Distributed Processing Technology Inc, Maitland, Florida has slashed prices on its AT amd EISA disk controller boards: fear of a price war put Adaptec's share price under pressure last week; the company told Reuter "Competitive pressure has always been there and we'll respond as we always have" to it; Adaptec's manufacturing organisation could cut costs and pass the benefits onto its customers; Distributed Processing is discounting its AT adaptors to 285 from 655.
  2. His international career was killed off by Andy Roxburgh after one too many fall-outs with the Scotland chief and his Ibrox spell was tarnished when a pre-season trip was cut short after a clash with former manager Graeme Souness.
  3. Not surprisingly, most studies expect that such policies will result in a cut in the growth of global GDP (none expects an increase).
  4. By the nineteenth century, middle- and upper-class women were increasingly cut off from the world of production, while some working-class women regained a limited role in production outside the home.
  5. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is to cut 950 jobs at its plant in Crewe, Cheshire.
  6. They are then cut by one of the several methods to effect a good join.
  7. The consensus, however, is that we are moving in the right direction and the further 1% cut in base rates and its knock-on effect on mortgages is the best tonic the country could get.
  8. Some were smashed, some had holes cut in the top.
  9. Those wishing to cut out the middleman should head straight for the garrison town of Wundsdorf, headquarters of the Western Army Group and a staging post for military train on the journey home.
  10. During the millennia of genetic divergence, while warp storms cut their worlds off from the rest of the galaxy, they were forced to manufacture their own food and air.
  11. This cut really makes the most of thick hair By Day Night
  12. Also using the Mysteron corner, but taking a different start and finish, is A Cut Above (E1 5b) - altogether a more sustained line.
  13. PLANS to reduce the dangers to consumers from products containing asbestos have been drastically cut, because of disagreement within EEC.

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