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Перевод слова

Перевод: customer speek customer

покупатель ; заказчик ; клиент ; завсегдатай


  1. She claimed that their action had been ill-considered and ironic coming so soon after the launch of their customer service charter.
  2. Each Monday, current intelligence groups for various parts of the world meet in the Cabinet Office, bringing together line men from all the intelligence-gathering agencies and their customer departments.
  3. Trade prices increased during the year and this will need to be reflected in customer prices for 1991.
  4. Whether you are dealing with small children or addressing a board meeting, getting information from the man who's repairing your washing machine or closing a big deal with a new customer, you need to be able to put yourself and your message across.
  5. But they would help to reduce still further that small minority of cases where a customer is turned away when he would not have been, given careful objective reflection; or where the customer mistakenly feels aggrieved at what is in truth a fair decision.
  6. Competition among retailers is good news for the customer.
  7. Mark the limit on the customer's account in the sales ledger and make sure that whoever is involved in sales or in order taking knows what it is.
  8. Local authorities will need to become more "customer sensitive" and return to a culture where local government is about service to the public.
  9. IT is not too late to save thousands of miners' jobs, says John Baker, boss of British Coal's biggest customer National Power.
  10. A crucial contribution of TQM theory is the redefinition of the concept of the customer.
  11. A summary of our Customer Guarantee Scheme is given here.
  12. Which "type" of customer is each of the following:
  13. These terms and conditions (as amended from time to time "the Conditions") regulate the use of an Abbeylink Card ("your Card") and form the basis of a contract between the customer (you) and Abbey National plc (us).

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