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Перевод слова

Перевод: curse speek curse

проклятие; отлучение от церкви; ругательство; бич ; бедствие; менструация ;
проклинать; клясть; отлучать от церкви; ругаться; кощунствовать; мучить; причинять страдания


  1. He heard the mestizo curse in fear as he saw the snake.
  2. As I watched, the big window at the front of the caravan shattered - and the Curse flew through the air and fell onto Rodney, who screeched with outrage.
  3. The other curse was directed at the committee members of the local Working Men's Club when they banned my father, on the pretext of his epilepsy, but really because he always won at cards and wasn't keen to give people a chance to win their money back.
  4. The curse is humorous but grim: as the landscape has been emptied so may the house be abandoned.
  5. Everyone said it was a curse on Hammond and that the Worm was getting bigger and bigger, feeding off the hatred Hammond had aroused, that it would turn."
  6. From the outside it is difficult to know whether to curse Bramante's decision to demolish the original church - apart from the internal apse structure and the (later) campanile, - or to marvel at the soaring lines.
  7. THEATRE / An Inca's curse: Royal Hunt of the Sun - Palace, Manchester
  8. Anyway, Billy Llewelyn couldn't match my father's curse.
  9. I didn't use to curse or swear at them.
  10. Meese "visibly said something like, oh, a curse word", said Richardson (the curse word was variously reported as "Holy Toledo!",
  11. She would do business with her fellow ministers free of the curse of committees.
  12. May God curse them!

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