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Перевод слова

Перевод: curious speek curious

любознательный; пытливый; любопытный; странный; курьезный; эротический; порнографический; возбуждающий любопытство


  1. It was a curious evening, a backward look to pieces in which could be seen the seeds of the choreographic gift that was to develop, sometimes into epic stagings, in the years ahead.
  2. Another curious attribute of the powder is that when cooked out it helps to extract other flavours while losing its own.
  3. Felt started out 10 years ago and recorded 10 albums before breaking up this week after a final show in their home town, Birmingham, thus concluding the curious master-plan that was apparently drawn up early in their career by the band's singer and song-writer, who is known simply as Lawrence.
  4. Skilful lobbying has meant that its place has been taken by wrestling on the curious promise that there will be both a men's and women's competition in 1994 even though women have never established a real presence in freestyle wrestling as they have in judo.
  5. It is a curious turn around from the days when bondholders pleased to be bought out and were driving to drawing lots!
  6. The house still has the romantic character of a Victorian historical novel - its chimneypiece is still painted with curious devices, and there are panelled rooms and hiding places, including the "sacred hole" in the attic where Charles is said to have spent the night.
  7. He shot a curious glance at Bull O'Malley.
  8. It is curious how easily we allow liberty to be eroded.
  9. Drill, he had been told thirty years ago, is a curious aspect of training.
  10. Other aspects of the associative component of flower learning seem equally curious.
  11. Such were the treasures to be seen when Philip Miller arrived at Oud-Poelgeest in 1727 and he reported on many rare shrubs and gathered seeds from curious plants.
  12. There is a curious statement in the minutes of the general meeting, that William Stone left the chair before sentence of dismissal was pronounced on Huntingford.
  13. If Labour had eliminated these plans from its programme and continued to emphasise John Smith's prudence (as opposed to his curious ideas about minimum wages and confiscatory "social justice"), then they would have swung more London and Midlands marginals their way.

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