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Перевод слова

Перевод: cuff speek cuff

манжета ; обшлаг ; легкий удар рукой;
бить рукой; слегка ударять рукой; шлепать


  1. So that I can go through my designs and make quite certain that there is not one collar, not one cuff detail, not the slightest influence that they could accuse me of copying from them.
  2. One squeeze and you've strafed even the most determined of creases out of existence: a separate jet of steam, which is activated by a button on top of the handle, is useful for sniper attacks on hard-to-defeat cuff wrinkles.
  3. The preacher in this case was the Rev. William Cuff, a Spurgeon man.
  4. He liked to reverse the situation of being led around the ring, by grabbing with his teeth his owner's arm by the cuff of her coat, and leading her around the ring instead.
  5. Trousers' triumphant re-emergence ushers in a new type of androgynous sexiness, a quirky mix of the severe and the sensual - a lace camisole under a double-breasted trouser suit, or a glimpse of fishnet under a trouser cuff.
  6. The sleeve for the hemiplegic arm is gathered together, and the unaffected hand goes into it from the cuff, in order to draw the hemiplegic hand into the sleeve up to the wrist.
  7. He flicked back the cuff of his jacket to glance at his watch and as he did so he saw that he was still carrying Maidstone's hat.
  8. He said, rubbing his cuff over the place she had gored him.
  9. The mike clipped to the inside of his cuff.
  10. She commenced wrapping a blood pressure cuff around his arm.
  11. The bruises on his wrists showed like diamonds beneath Boy's cuff; he was wearing one of O's white shirts, with the sleeves rolled down.
  12. The masterly masculinity of "cuff" may be thought to belong with Dryden's conception of the grand style more than with Virgil's.
  13. However, a Belgian study in which cuff width and arm circumference were taken into account revealed that even after correcting for this relationship, weight appeared correlated to blood pressure (Demanet et al, 1976).

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