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Перевод слова

Перевод: crawl speek crawl

ползание; медленное движение; затон ; пресмыкательство; кроль ;
ползать; ползти; расползаться; плыть стилем 'кроль'; плавать кролем; тащиться; елозить; пресмыкаться; кишеть насекомыми; кишеть; чувствовать мурашки по телу


  1. George and the twins gave no answer and Willie felt a cold prickle crawl up his back and into his hair.
  2. They appeared the next Friday night at the Smiths' poolside looking fashionably anonymous and sinister like Seb's crowd, and jumped in eagerly, Hoomey obviously expecting his new look to do wonders for his crawl.
  3. "The hypnotist does not crawl inside a subject's body and take control of his brain."
  4. I would have to crawl to have any hope of finding it.
  5. But sometimes in the health service people want to make the clock crawl round and contemplate years of discussion before implementing such obvious improvements as a new system of financial management."
  6. The entrance is dry but soon becomes low, developing into a crawl where the stream from Lower Long Churn is admitted.
  7. Trapped miners crawl to safety after 15-hour ordeal
  8. Nutty practised the crawl in her bath and the water dripped down the light cord in the dining-room below and collected in the glass bowl-shaped shade.
  9. Then as now fascists (from whatever hole they crawl) assume they have the right to spread dangerous lies to suit their own brand of politics.
  10. One of my greatest pleasures was to load my gun, draw the curtains in my bedroom and then crawl under the bed.
  11. You could see the filth heaving with them as you peered through the crudely cut holes in the wood which served for seats, and sometimes they would crawl out through these holes and invade the neighbouring parts of the camp.
  12. Adults had to crawl nine times through the hole against the sun.
  13. You've always got to be trying to crawl up higher."

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