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Перевод слова

Перевод: coward speek coward

трусливый; робкий; малодушный;


  1. She must also have been quite a handful judging by Coward's ironic telegram to a Broadway manager requesting 58 per cent of the gross for the task of restraining her from being "Grock, Beatrice Lillie, Theda Bara, Mary Pickford and Bert Lahr all at once."
  2. And perhaps even more to us as modern actors was Alison Legatt, then playing with Nol Coward and Gertrude Lawrence every evening.
  3. Nol Coward was inspired to write the song "London Pride" while standing on the platform of a London station on the morning after a particularly bad blitz and seeing Londoners going about their business "gay and determined and wholly admirable".
  4. Cocoa is a cad and coward,
  5. The literary bias of British film reviewing has rarely been quite so plainly stated - Coward is the established name, his reputation guaranteed by years of theatrical success, hence he takes precedence over the mere maker of pictures.
  6. Perhaps, paradoxically, I was also acting the coward.
  7. Young Angus thought, You were a coward - no you were not - what else could you have done?
  8. In 1946, however, Lean directed his first film without a Coward connection, Great Expectations , and the huge reputation and success this enjoyed coincided with the start of the long postwar decline suffered by Coward - the net result was that the writer's contribution to the earlier films' success became progressively marginalized, a state of affairs hardly helped by the increasing influence of French auteurist models of film analysis on British critics.
  9. Selections from the modern theatre may include characters that have been created over the last sixty years, from Noel Coward to Steven Berkoff.
  10. The domestic world which draws the suburban housewife away from the temptations of an illicit romance in Brief Encounter (1945) is quite as cosy as that depicted in an earlier collaboration between Lean and Nol Coward, This Happy Breed (1944).
  11. I thought the occasion an amalgam of a Nol Coward comedy and an Aldwych farce.
  12. His film, Kwietniowski straightforwardly claims, is one that would have been approved of by Noel Coward's unconscious.

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