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Перевод: course speek course

курс ; направление; ход событий; течение времени; постепенность ; очередь ; порядок ; скаковой круг; линия поведения; линия действия; блюдо; горизонтальный ряд кладки; простирание залежи; пласт ; жила ; менструация ; нижний прямой парус;
охотиться с гончими; гнаться за дичью; гнаться по пятам; преследовать; бежать; течь; проветривать


  1. It is of course penalty kicks at goal which slow down play and I would deal with them very drastically, as in these modern days they quite often determine the result of a match.
  2. The disadvantage, of not gaining any practical experience of the knowledge you acquire while working through the course, can be overcome.
  3. It seems unlikely that the breakfasts will alter much, but you will have to judge what would be acceptable for the two conferences (we think that the evening meal ought to be a three course affair with a food cost closer to 2 or so).
  4. And of course, for the evening eyeliner is playful and sexy in the right situation and it certainly draws attention to a woman's eyes.
  5. She didn't, of course.
  6. Of course, this doesn't mean that if a man exposes himself to you, you must be repressing that urge within yourself.
  7. Of course, having a good offensive line helps and the coach Marty Schottenheimer has inherited one of the NLF's most underrated offensive units, averaging 6ft 5in and over 20 stone.
  8. Of course, it is not just audit regulation that has been under scrutiny in 1992.
  9. The time is now 7.30 p.m. and I have just finished a very good meal of my favourite steak and kidney out of, of course, the self-heating tin.
  10. Finally, of course, there must be a substance such as glucose, which can activate the sodium cotransport systems in the gut epithelium - the systems upon which the principle of ORT relies.
  11. Suttons of Reading brought 138 greenkeepers to Henley to play after a conference - perhaps their year of looking after the course was done with this in mind.
  12. Of course, limits can channel brilliance productively, make it blaze all the more fiercely.
  13. It is envisaged that in some cases there will be transfer in both directions between this course and the above degree course (see page 97).

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