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Перевод слова

Перевод: countryman speek countryman

земляк ; соотечественник ; сельский житель; крестьянин


  1. As for Grant Patterson, Snook's countryman may prove a crucial figure in Bedford's cause.
  2. A Turkish print worker alleged a Harley Street doctor paid 2,500 for him to donate a kidney to a patient he believed was a fellow countryman.
  3. If you are a countryman, you may sit by a stream and contemplate a may tree just coming into blossom, or climb up on the ramparts of an iron age hill fort and let your soul soar with the wind.
  4. But I have over the last six months had occasion to discuss this very matter with a number of very highly placed Americans, and it seems to me that thinking in that country is much more far-sighted than that represented by their countryman here.
  5. As for me, I wore a white countryman's smock that Mum had made, had a red handkerchief tied around my neck and a floppy grey felt hat with wide brim was stuck on my head.
  6. But when he says that the real and nominal essences of a mode, such as a triangle, coincide, he really does mean what we should expect him to mean: that our idea of a triangle is like the horologist's idea of the Strasburg clock, an idea of its real essence, and not like that of the gazing countryman, an idea of some of its properties.
  7. I hope your excellent paper will bring pressure to bear on the media and make April 23 a special day, and make the English realise they want to be ruled by their own countryman.
  8. ATURKISH print worker alleged yesterday that a Harley Street doctor paid 2,500 for him to donate a kidney to a patient whom he believed was a fellow countryman.
  9. These are reluctant hunters, ill at ease and inexperienced, wary lest a nervous glance could give flesh to fear - the fear of coming face to face with a cowering countryman, the fear of finding the loaded chamber in a game of Russian roulette.
  10. It is the biggest investigation in the history of the complaints authority, and into policing since the Operation Countryman inquiry into the Metropolitan Police in the 1970s.
  11. For the horologist the nominal essence of the clock is an idea of its real essence; in this he differs from the gazing countryman, to whom the nominal essence is simply some combination of various observable features.
  12. Henry knew all the houses - the double-fronted mansion with the Mercedes in the driveway, the row of early Victorian workmen's cottages, fastidiously restored, the occasional bungalow or mock Gothic affair with turrets - he knew what each one was worth, and he followed their fortunes, decay, repair, sale, in the way a countryman might watch the seasons.
  13. Some of Hugh Bishop's confidence came from being a countryman from a secure Shropshire home, safe among those "blue remembered hills".

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