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Перевод слова

Перевод: counsel speek counsel

обсуждение; совещание; совет ; намерение; планы ; адвокат ; группа адвокатов; юрисконсульт ;
давать совет; рекомендовать; напутствовать


  1. Ted decided to stop the operation and return home to discuss the find with his wife, Maureen, whose counsel was always common sense.
  2. In the course of the hearing, counsel for the Crown accepted that, if notice for the amounts payable as determined by the General Commissioners had not been served on the debtor, the tax had never become payable under s 55(a), TMA 1970 and s 5, TA 1988.
  3. Counsel for the receivers argued that until they had terminated the receivership, B and L could not control them.
  4. Mr Anthony ArlidgeQC, counsel for Dr Crockett, read out an advertisement from a Turkish newspaper in which it was stated that Mr Koc was selling his kidney.
  5. COUPLES counsel
  6. In the prosecution of any such proceedings, agrees at 's expense to execute such documents and do such things as may be necessary in the opinion of 's Counsel to carry out such prosecution, including without limitation, joining as a party.
  7. 11 October: The Duchess of Gloucester, Patron of Counsel and Care for the Elderly, today visited the Counsel's new offices at 16 Bonny Street, London NW1.
  8. Tawell's counsel, Fitzroy Kelly, had already insulted the jury's intelligence by suggesting that prussic acid found in Sara's body was due to eating too many apples.
  9. The same mystical author wrote another treatise entitled The Epistle of Privy Counsel , in which he speaks more simply;
  10. Whereupon Debenham's counsel said he had no more questions to ask the actress.
  11. Any instructions to counsel and any opinion of counsel (whether or not in connection with any proceedings) and any advice received, information obtained or action to be taken in connection with -
  12. The Board's general counsel, Michael Friend, said afterwards: "The finding was that he did change his scorecard at the qualifying round for the European Tour School last October, but the Board felt the sentence of 10 years was too severe given that it was a first offence."
  13. Since almost all those on death row come from impoverished backgrounds they lack the funds to hire their own attorney and will be appointed counsel by the Court.

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