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Перевод слова

Перевод: could speek could

#past от can


  1. Here, on one's own flesh, the universe could be "penetrated", exploited, known, and here the treasure of purity, the pearl of great price, could be discovered.
  2. Could it be that you are just a little bit jealous of The Great White North - a society, after all, rather less divisive and certainly more prosperous than decaying, decadent Britain?
  3. I think it could really be interesting, a view of democracy in action, where backbench MPs, expert witnesses, judge whether the Government is performing.
  4. Mr. Thomas Thornycroft purchased some land at Chiswick Wharf, adjacent to St. Nicholas Church, in 1864, so that his engineer son, John Isaac Thornycroft, could build boats.
  5. "He told me he didn't think he could be the Nelson Algren of his generation," Vanderford says.
  6. April's introduction of a new business rate could add 1 per cent to inflation, the CBI said.
  7. "I could tell you a thing or two about the Countess of Warwick and letters from King Teddy.
  8. When they had gone and the noise of the engines had faded away, all would be quiet for a few hours and most people on night duty could relax - but not the Met Office, of course.
  9. The value of this precious metal could be modified by alloying with baser materials.
  10. "There has been a whole series of events in the last year going against the hill sheep farmer, and this could be one of the final straws."
  11. Only the very rich could afford to get hold of the real product, bottled and matured in the region itself.
  12. In time to come Luke O'Malley could betray local patriots fighting to free their country.
  13. If he could see the culprits!

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