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Перевод слова

Перевод: cough speek cough

кашель ;
кашлять; покашлять; прокашлять


  1. If the cough persists without improvement for a week or more and there is much weakness, tiredness and lack of energy.
  2. This remedy may come in later if earache occurs; enlarged lymph glands; sensation of pressure at the root of the nose or throbbing and burning; rattling cough; thick, yellow, stringy nasal discharge.
  3. A hard, dry, rasping cough, exhausting; so painful that they suppress the cough.
  4. Cough worse () expiration.
  5. A dry cough with tickling
  6. Endill did not hear anything at first but after a minute or two heard what he thought was a cough in the distance.
  7. Lachesis children cough in their early sleep at about 11 pm but if kept awake they will not cough.
  8. Cough worse () lying down which causes the most violent cough to appear a few moments later.
  9. This gives the picture of the Causticum cough:
  10. Yet every minute, six children die and six are crippled by TB, measles, polio, whooping cough, tetanus or diphtheria.
  11. This inherited, natural, passive (the baby has not produced it) immunity to, for example, measles and whooping cough usually lasts only for a few months after birth.
  12. Spasmodic cough resembling croups or whooping cough; hoarse, harsh, ringing, spasmodic cough excited by constant tickling in the larynx.
  13. They were the victims of whooping cough.

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