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Перевод слова

Перевод: convince speek convince

убеждать; уверять; убедить; уверить; доводить до сознания


  1. Never let anyone, or any diet, convince you that calories don't count in achieving weight loss.
  2. But the bishops would not apologise for nor retract the letter, and Mr Tembo could not convince them that the Congress Party had the right to pass death sentences upon them.
  3. On his initial visit to the home of the bereaved he would feel that he had a very short ti me indeed to set out his wares and try and convince the family to buy the package.
  4. He might have to raise rates drastically, to convince sceptics at home and abroad that Labour means to uphold sterling's parity in the ERM.
  5. The saving in diesel will happen if Leyland Vehicles can convince the world's transport executives that its new continuously.
  6. When the Commission's proposals were incorporated into the Criminal Law Act 1977, the Board took pains to convince the Home Office that the viewing of films in private could as easily become a social activity, with some persons at greater risk in a private flat than in a public cinema.
  7. By the spring of 1921 sufficient evidence was available to convince the overwhelming majority of the ruling party of the need for a change of policies in relation to agriculture.
  8. Labour campaign strategists argued yesterday that the task for a new leader was to convince the public that the changes to the party made under Mr Kinnock are permanent.
  9. When at last he dared to creep from his hiding-place and move on tip-toe up the dark stairs, he had counted to 372 and managed to convince himself that any fate was preferable to having an accident down there amongst the coats.
  10. In an evident effort to convince the West once again that military might is not what the Soviet Union is all about, the imposing array of missiles, rocket-launchers, self-propelled guns, and armoured vehicles were all "long in the tooth," according to a Western diplomatic source.
  11. The head also needs to reward those who are on the right lines through drawing attention to successes, prominently displaying thank you letters on the staff room notice board, using time to convince, cheer, direct, push and urge.
  12. Although she was astute enough to understand this on a logical basis, it took several sessions of counselling and therapy to convince Myra's subconscious mind that she was in no way to blame and that she had behaved naturally and in total innocence.
  13. Similarly, it may take no more than a momentary pang of empathetic distress to convince me that if I could become as aware from the sufferer's viewpoint as from my own I would be spontaneously moved to help him even to my own cost.

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