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Перевод слова

Перевод: convert speek convert

новообращенный ; перешедший из одной партии в другую;
превращать; обращать; обращать в другую веру; конвертировать; обращать в свою пользу; присваивать в свою пользу; переводить; реконструировать; переделывать; перестраивать; переходить на выпуск другой продукции


  1. The immense amount of solar energy which growing plants capture by photosynthesis and convert into chemical energy - some 30 BTOE per year or more than four times the world's yearly total commercial energy consumption - is a renewable source of energy which offers great potential.
  2. By means of photosynthesis, plants convert the radiant energy of the sun into chemical energy.
  3. These organisms, which could trap solar energy in a pigment, and then convert that solar energy into chemical energy, were self-perpetuating.
  4. First there is the problem of having to convert your sterling cash into the cheques in advance.
  5. Symmetry can be used to convert a unidimensional vector into a two or three dimensional truss.
  6. Already Fitch's new headquarters is reputedly worth the 13 million it cost to buy and convert.
  7. We prefer to convert customers a piece at a time.
  8. You can convert your garden into a butterfly haven by simply growing a small nettle patch and planting a few special flowers
  9. Unfortunately, we hear little about the role and inestimable value of leafcutters in channelling nutrients through tropical forests, as they convert leaves into rich humus.
  10. Above: Your attic may be the perfect place to convert to a bedroom with en-suite bathroom.
  11. Or they could convert their debt into new guaranteed bonds whose yield was just 6.5%.
  12. Their key player is the fly-half Matthew McCarthy, who opened their scoring against Ampleforth with a penalty, and went on to make and then convert a try by Neil Ryan.
  13. In the extreme, this can convert a geometric rectangle into a superellipse.

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